How to search for a particular messages on Slack Easily

How to search for a particular messages on Slack Easily

How to search for a particular messages on Slack Easily

We all know that searching is one of the many things Slack does very well. If you have sent or received a message or file over Slack, even though it was months ago, you will be able to find it again. Messages are similarly indexed and easily analyzed by each user, channel, or workspace.

Before we procee, aalso if you use Slack for company communications, then you know how quickly messages can pile up. Of courseddefinitely if you don’t save a message you want to reference later, you can easily lose track of which channel it was in and when it was there.

Without any doubt you of all people should know that Slack offers a built-in Search box. After all, it’s right at the top of the application.

However, but definitely like with searches in other places, there are handy tricks that can make your searches more relevant. To help you find the messages you need faster, here are five tips for using search in Slack.

Searching for particular messages on Slack

As we all know, of course Slack is an excellent monitoring tool for both files and messages. If you need to find a message by date, sender, channel, Slack has filters to cover it all. Unlike Google Search parameters where you need to remember the true meaning. You can click through the various search options to refresh your search.

Finding specific messages on Slack

This same Slack has a single check bar at the top that scans throughout the current workplace. This includes all channels and all DMs.

  1. Click inside the search bar.
  2. Enter the cookie of the message you are trying to find where the cookie is located no matter what part of the message you remember.
  3. From the options, select the channel you want to find. If you do not remember the channel to which the message was sent, you can skip this step.
  4. Select the sender of the message. Again, if you do not remember who sent the message, you can skip this step as well.
  5. Select the search option that meets your criteria and load search results.
  6. Once the search results load, use the filters to further update the results by sender, channel, date, retweet, and more.


Rest of the study options

Incase you are part of people trying to find a file that was transferred over a particular Slack channel, but you can not remember the name of the conversation that took place around it, you can check all the files that have been shared over channel or DM.

  1. Click the channel name or DM thread.
  2. In the window that opens, go to the About tab.
  3. Go through the file list and select the one you need.


On Slack, it’s search is not like an email search; it does not offer options such as messages with attachments or files of a specific size.

After knowing that, it allows users to filter results by default date, and if a file is attached. It’s important to remember that Slack is a messaging tool and not an email replacement. Its scan parameters work accordingly.

So for the last part, if you have trouble finding a message, try searching the entire workspace instead of watching it in a specific channel. You may be forgetting which channel the message was sent to. You cannot search multiple workplaces all together once.