Top 5 maintenance Checklist for new homeowners

Top 5 maintenance Checklist for new homeowners

Top 5 maintenance Checklist for new homeowners

It’s a good thing to know this if you are a home owners or aspiring to be one, because it’s actually one of the few important things every home owners must know.

So if you are buying a new house is both stressful and exhilarating. And You’ll be ecstatic when the deal is finalized, and the keys are in your hands. Despite this, it is critical not to become complacent.

And of course first time homebuyers have a few obligations before they can relax and enjoy their new property.

Be sure to follow these tips to keep you excited. Also, it will help you save some money from maintenance. Let’s get into it.

The top features buyers look for in a home

Securing your home

And of course of the first tasks when acquiring a new property is to ensure its security. Replacing all the keys should be your top priority. You can do it yourself if you know how; hire a contractor to get the task done.

Normally, it’s definitely a prerequisite because you don’t know who may have handled the keys. Besides, I am sure you don’t desire to see the previous owners in your property unannounced.

To add more, the extra peace of mind is well worth the small cost. Don’t forget to make spare keys should you get locked out. These simple tips are evergreen and time–saving.

Getting a Home Warranty


Incase you are obtaining a house warranty is very beneficial, especially when it comes to maintenance. Of course, you will have your home insurance in place, home warranty plan takes care of repairs and replacements.

And new servicing of appliances and systems comes under warranty. Don’t skip the process of getting a new warranty immediately. You will need it in due course.

Even consequently, check online and compare company quotes and what they cover. Ensure you settle for a company that can provide you extra peace of mind. Do not settle for cheap; pay for value.

Review the Inspection Report

The property inspection report can help you address any issues that may arise in the future. When trying to improve things, prioritize them from most essential to least needed. Don’t delay fixing things. Do not procrastinate on minor faults in the apartment. Act fast to solve each setback accordingly.

Don’t assume Explore the Essentials

Consider exploring how things are and where they are. Create time and acquaint yourself with your new house. Identify the fuse and circuit breaker boxes. Make sure the switches are labeled correctly. That could save lives if there is a power outage.
After that, locate the main water valve so you can turn off the water in case of a leak. Doing your due diligence will position you at an advantage during maintenance or in an emergency.

Plan your Maintenance

Routine cleaning is essential for any property, old or new. Regular maintenance will preserve and increase your home’s value while keeping all systems in good working order.

Moreso, make your routine regular and easy. Replace HVAC filters every few months and clean gutters. Scrub your wood-fired hot tub and empty the water heater bi–annually. Plan and pressure wash your patio and walkways and change smoke detector batteries.

Above all, congratulations on your new apartment. Ensure you follow this checklist now and then after moving in.

While you may have unpacked and found your favorite location to relax, it is vital not to get carried away with enthusiasm. There are still a few things to consider.

Way to improve your home. 5 tips

However, the tips above should help you start living in your new home well. It will help you improve your living standards and increase the value of your apartment. Stick to this advice, stay safe and financially secure.